It’s never too late to become healthy

As far as the first assumption is concerned, it’s something natural for absolute majority of people: we all tend to take too many things for granted, including our health and excellent body shape. If you are one of those people, there’s a very easy way for you to dispel this illusion. Just compare the ideal human forms you see, let’s say, in Hollywood movies, with the bodies of the folks in your favorite Thimothy’s or Taco Bell or McDonalds or with the bodies of people queuing up at Disney World. See the difference?

As for the second assumption, to a surprising degree, there’s good news: it’s never too late to turn your life around as long as you don’t wait for the next opportune moment tabletki cialis bez recepty (like next Monday) and start NOW. Human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, provided the underlying damage is not too great.

Numerous medical researches have found that dropping negative habits and introducing timely changes into your lifestyle will undoubtedly lead to big improvements.

Doctors believe that about 70% of all chronic deseases – from diabetes and high blood pressure to heart desease and even some cancers – can be warded off with some timely, sensible changes in lifestyle.

Consider these remarkable medical research findings:

Women who consume as little as 225 g of fish a week cut their risk of suffering a stroke almost in half.
Eating more fruits, vegetables and fiber changes the blood’s sensitivity to insulin within two weeks, helping decrease the risk of diabetes almost immediately.
If hitherto sedentary 40-year-old women start walking briskly for half an hour a day, four days a week, they will enjoy almost the same low risk of hart attack as women who have been exercising conscientiously their entire lives.
The very day you quit smoking, the carbon monoxide levels in your body drop dramatically. Within a week your blood becomes less sticky and your risk of dying suddenly from a heart attack starts to decline. Four or five years later, the chance you will have a heart attack falls to nearly that of someone who has never smoked.