Irreparable effects

Irreparable effects

When you come to think of all the distructive and often irreparable effects that these unhealthy habits have on human bodies, it’s only natural to start wondering why people keep doing it to themselves? However, indisputable facts remain:

Nearly 50 million Americans continue to smoke.
More than 60% of Americans are obese or overweight (which is a dramatic increase from 47% only 20 years ago).
One in four Americans gets no regular exercise at all.

The question why people knowingly indulge in unhealthy habits has been in the spotlight of health experts and psychologists for a good number of years, and they have come up with a few important findings. We’d like to bring to your attention one of them.

Psychologists believe that behind most of the bad things we do to our bodies as adults are two main ideas that we carry with us all the way from childhood:

We fondly assume that we are indestructible.
We are sure that whatever damage we inflict on our delicate biological systems can be undone later, as soon as we finally decide to turn our lives around and become a new person starting next Monday.

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