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How much do you value your health?

How much do you value your health?

Every single day terrifying facts about human health and declining life expectancy hit the headlines of major newspapers and magazines all over the world. I believe, you too have come across at least one of this kind of headings in the past few days:

Cookbook Author Diana Rodgers
It has been estimated that almost three-quarters of the American population is overweight.
High-Fat Diets account for 60% of cancer deaths in women and 40% of cancer deaths in men.
About 50 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, 12 million have coronary heart disease and 7 million heart attacks and almost 5 million strokes are reported each year. Almost 1 million Americans die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) each year, which is about 2500 deaths EACH DAY).
Obesity is a direct cause of about 20-25% of the health care expenditures related to heart disease.
Smoking kills 152,000 women every year.

The sad truth is that in most cases the root of all evil is in bad, unhealthy habits like eating all the wrong things and eating too much, drinking too much, smoking, sleeping too little, exercising too little if at all, worrying too much, relaxing too rarely, etc.

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